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rabbit (dickenson)
rabbit hill (lawson)
ranger's trail (kelton)
rat (burt)
ravel (echenoz)
razor's edge, the (maugham)
real making of the president, the (rorabaugh)
reclaiming history (bugliosi)
red herring (mayor)
red moon at sharpsburg (wells)
red wolf (marklund)
reliable wife, a (goolrick)
resisting arrest (rushing)
réticence, la (toussaint)
reversal, the (connelly)
revolutionary road (yates)
rhinoceros (enright)
rice (marton)
richard ii (shakespeare)
richard iii (shakespeare)
richard m. nixon (drew)
riddle of the labyrinth, the (fox)
rin tin tin (orlean)
river run red (ward)
road taken, the (petroski)
road to oz, the (baum)
rocket men (nelson)
roller girl (jamieson)
roller skates (sawyer)
rome (woolf)
romeo and juliet (shakespeare)
ronald reagan (weisberg)
rubbish (rathje & murphy)
ruins and fragments (harbison)
rum (foss)
rum point (wilber)
rutherford b. hayes (trefousse)