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sag harbor (whitehead)
salad (weinraub)
salle de bain, la (toussaint)
salmon (coates)
salmon (mink)
sand (welland)
sandhill and whooping cranes (johnsgard)
sandwich (wilson)
sarah, plain and tall (maclachlan)
satie, erik (davis)
sauces (tebben)
sausage (allen)
scandinavian crime fiction (stougaard-nielsen)
scènes de la vie de bohème (murger)
schemers (pronzini)
school (burke & grosvenor)
school for wives, the (molière)
schulz and peanuts (michaelis)
scientists confront intelligent design and creationism
scomparsa di patò, la (camilleri)
scorpion (pryke)
scorpions (myers)
scribes and scholars (reynolds & wilson)
seal (dickenson)
searchers, the (eckstein & lehman)
season to taste (birnbaum)
seaweed (o'connor)
second deadly sin, the (larsson)
secret, un (grimbert)
secret life, a (lachman)
secret of the andes (clark)
senhor dos navegantes, o (ferreira de castro)
sense of an ending, the (barnes)
september swoon (kashatus)
shadow of a bull (wojciechowska)
shakespeare bats cleanup (koertge)
shakesqueer (menon)
shark (crawford)
shatter me (mafi)
sheep (armstrong)
sherman's march in myth and memory (caudill & ashdown)
shoemaker's holiday, the (dekker)
shortstop shadow (brier)
showdown at hole-in-the-wall (cotton)
shrimp (lane)
silent duchess, the (maraini)
silver (shen)
simple art of murder, the (chandler)
sing down the moon (o'dell)
skunk (miller)
skylark (kosztolányi)
slave dancer, the (fox)
smoky the cowhorse (james)
snail (williams)
snake (stutesman)
snowdrop (harland)
solar (mcewan)
soldiering for freedom (luke & smith)
somnambule, la (scribe)
sorriso di angelica, il (camilleri)
sorrows of young werther, the (goethe)
sort of gone (freligh)
soudain, seuls (autissier)
sounder (armstrong)
soup (clarkson)
southern storm (trudeau)
sparrow (todd)
spices (czarra)
spider (michalski)
spider silk (brunetta & craig)
spillover (quammen)
spitballs & holy water (donohue)
splendors and glooms (schlitz)
spoke (alexander)
sport of kings and the kings of crime, the (riess)
sputnik sweetheart (murakami)
stalin's general (roberts)
stalking the ghost bird (steinberg)
standard operating procedure (gourevitch & morris)
standing the gaff (johnson)
starlite drive-in, the (reynolds)
star-spangled banner (ferris)
station saint-martin est fermée au public, la (bialot)
stay close (coben)
steal, the (shteir)
steel spring, the (wahlöö)
step from heaven, a (an na)
steve mcqueen (eliot)
storm (withington)
stranger, the (coben)
strangers (pronzini)
strawberry girl (lenski)
stuff of thought, the (pinker)
successor, the (kadare)
sugar (smith)
summer for the gods (larson)
summer of the swans, the (byars)
sun storm (larsson)
swallow (turner)
swamp rat (manno)
swan (young)
sway of the grand saloon, the (brinnin)
swerve, the (greenblatt)