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Comparative Literature, Modern and Contemporary Fiction

Areas of Interest:

Modern Literature and Painting, Primitivism, Magical Realism, Proust, Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury, Carlos Fuentes.

Courses Taught:

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to World Literature
Coming of Age in America: Novels of Youthful Education
The Modern Period (European Literature)
Literature Now: Magical Realism
London Theater (in London for Semester Abroad Program)
Difficult Loves: Love in 20th Century Fiction
Modern British Literature
The Bloomsbury Group
James Joyce
Virginia Woolf
The Dehumanization of Art: 20th Century Painting and Literature

Graduate Courses

Introduction to Comparative Literature
20th Century Narrative: From Conrad to Garcia Marquez
Myth and Modern Literature: Minotaurs and Mazes
The American Experience in Literature: North and South
The Bloomsbury Group
Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury
Literature Now: Magical Realism
Conceptual Bases of the Humanities
Primitivism in 20th Century Art and Literature
Literature and Painting
The Modern Period in Europe
The Dehumanization of the Arts: Literary Modernism in Europe
Le Desir de l'autre: L'Exotisme et le primitivisme dans la culture francaise moderne