A Bin of Mail
Nettie Bozanich
He wandered into some strange store.

It could be new.

He didn't keep a log of which stores were in the mall.

A pile of letters lay in a sales bin.

Signs surround the bin announcing:


No one seems to care.

He begins to sort through the letters.

It is old mail.  Torn letters.

Somehow undeliverable.

His eyes focus on the names.

Nearly all of them are recognizable.

Some are addressed to him.

Others addressed to:


768 Enemy Lane

Old Acquaintances.

He begins to fill his arms, his pockets, his shopping bags with letters.

Nettie Bozanich is a freelance writer whose work has been published in numerous publications (online and in print) including Coelacanth Magazine, Reflections, The Blind Man's Rainbow, The Sidewalk's End, Wellspring Journal and The Drive. Her work is forthcoming in Atlantis: A Women's Studies Journal and in a Simon & Schuster anthology for teenage girls. Her website features a weekly article and further information about her work: www.nettiebozanich.com

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