Environmental and Earth Sciences


Application Process - FAQ

How do I apply to the program?

You must apply for admission to the Graduate School of the University, following procedures described at http://grad.uta.edu/leftMenuPages/admissions.asp

What are the deadlines for application?

These are available at http://grad.uta.edu/leftMenuPages/admissions.asp. Usually applications from the US must be received at least 3 months before the semester that enrollment begins, and those from outside the US must be received at least 4 months prior to enrollment.

How is the application processed?

All application materials go first to the Graduate School, where an initial evaluation is done including a calculation of the Grade Point Average in prior coursework. The application materials are forwarded to the program‘s Graduate Advisor for evaluation in consultation with program faculty members. Details are described at http://www.uta.edu/gradcatalog/admission_reqs#usadm.

How long does it take to make an admission decision?

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for the initial evaluation by the Graduate School, and another 2-3 weeks for the evaluation by the program. It can take longer if the receipt of application materials is delayed, the evaluation is complicated, or if large numbers of applications are received at once.

How can I check the status of my application?

To see whether the Graduate School has received your application you can check with them. Once the program has your application you can check with the Graduate Advisor, Dr. John Holbrook (holbrook@uta.edu), or the Program Director, Dr. James Grover (grover@uta.edu).

What else should I know about applying?

Put some thought into your statement of academic goals in your application. Tell us about your professional aspirations. If you are applying to the doctoral program, tell us what research areas interest you for the dissertation and what faculty member(s) you might have as your dissertation research advisor (“major professor”). This information not only helps us determine if you are a good “fit” for our program, but it will also help us advise you after you enroll, so that you meet your goals.