Environmental and Earth Sciences


Faculty and Research Interests

The following brief faculty vitae demonstrate the broad range of expertise among the faculty at The University of Texas at Arlington who will participate in the graduate program in Environmental and Earth Sciences. More complete biographical materials and copies of publications are available in departmental offices.


P. Chippindale
T. H. Chrzanowski
D. R.Formanowicz, Jr
L. Gough
J. P. Grover
R. F. McMahon
L. D. Mydlarz
S.I. Passy
J. Rodrigues

Chemistry & Biochemistry

P. K. Dasgupta
K. Rajeshwar
Z.A. Schelly
K. A. Schug
R.B. Timmons

Civil Engineering

Andrew P. Kruzic
John McEnery
M. L. Sattler

Earth and Environmental Science

J. M. Holbrook
Q. Hu
A. Hunt
H. Rowe
J. S. Wickham
A. Winguth


P.B. Paulus

Urban and Public Affairs

A. Anjomani
M. Connor
J. Howard

Participating Departments

Room 337 Life Science Building
Box l9498
Arlington, TX 76019-0498
(817) 272-2871 Telephone (817)272-2855 FAX
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Room 219 Science Hall
Box 19065
Arlington, TX 76019-0065
(817) 272-3171 Telephone (817)272-3808 FAX
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Room 417 Nedderman Hall
Box 19308
Arlington, TX 76019-0308
(817) 272-2201 Telephone (817)272-2630 FAX
Earth and Environmental Science
Room 107 Geoscience Building
Box l9049
Arlington, TX 76019-0049
(817) 272-2987 Telephone (817)272-2628 FAX
Urban and Public Affairs
Room 501C University Hall
Box 19588
Arlington, TX 76019-0588
(817) 272-3071 Telephone (817)272-5008 FAX