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Financial Aid - FAQ

Does the program provide financial aid to students?

The program has funds for a limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships. These are part-time teaching jobs, usually involving the teaching of undergraduate lab courses in the sciences. Twenty hours of work per week is expected and the rate of pay is about $12,000 to $16,000 for a nine-month academic year. The number of such position is small, and their award is competitive. Priority is given to doctoral students, and is also based on academic performance.

Some students are also supported with Graduate Research Assistantships. These are part-time research jobs, with similar hours and salaries as Teaching Assistants. Research Assistantships tend to be given only to students pursuing thesis or dissertation research, who have established a working relationship with their major professor. The funds for such jobs come from research grants and contracts obtained by the major professor, and may or may not cover the student‘s entire period of enrollment.

There are also some fellowships available for incoming students of about $1,000 per academic year. When applying to the Graduate School, there is a check-off box for consideration for assistantship and fellowships. Be sure that you check this, so that the program will consider your request for aid.

Do graduate students have to pay tuition?

Yes, state law requires that this university charge tuition. Tuition is available for selected groups of students.

How much is tuition?

Tuition varies somewhat depending on the courses taken, but is usually about $190 per credit hour for Texas residents and about $500 per credit hour for non-residents. International students are classified as non-residents. Various fees must also be paid and these are highly variable, but about $90 per credit hour is a rough guideline. Students who work for the University as Graduate Teaching or Research Assistants are allowed to pay the resident rate for tuition, even if they are classified as non-residents.

Is there tuition support to help graduate students pay?

Yes, for selected groups of students. Students in the doctoral program appointed as Graduate Research Assistants or Graduate Teaching Assistants receive tuition support. This support covers part of the tuition charges.