Environmental and Earth Sciences


Similar Programs at UT Arlington - FAQ

What’s up with the name of this program (Environmental and Earth Sciences) and the Department of Earth and Environmental Science? Is this a mistake?

There’s no mistake. The program in Environmental and Earth Sciences is an interdisciplinary program with participating faculty from a wide range of scientific, engineering, and policy disciplines. It provides students an opportunity to take courses and conduct research across a wide range of fields relevant to the environment.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences administers this degree program and several others. It also administers a Bachelor‘s degree in Earth and Environmental Science, a Master’s degree in Earth and Environmental Science, and certificate programs related to earth sciences.

What other environmental programs are available at this University?

There is a Civil and Environmental Engineering program, aimed at producing certified professional engineers, in which students can take an environmental emphasis. Entering this program requires an undergraduate degree in engineering. Several degree programs in the School of Urban and Public Affairs offer the opportunity to take an environmental emphasis. These programs do not require an undergraduate degree in science or engineering. Graduate students in science programs such as Biology, Chemistry, and Earth and Environmental Science also often pursue studies related to the environment.