Environmental and Earth Sciences


Undergraduate Preparatory Courses

Students with a varietly of undergaduate major degrees may apply for admission to the Environmental and Earth Sciences Program. Students are expected to have completed the following courses (or equivalents). Courses should have been taught at a level appropriate for students majoring in Science or Engineering (non-majors courses are not acceptable).

Core preparatory courses

These courses are required for all students entering the program in Environmental and Earth Sciences. Although an upper division course in Mathematics or Statistics may be substituted for the second semester of Calculus, students should be aware that required courses in the program make use of integral calculus, a technique usually taught in second semester Calculus courses.

Physics -- 1 semester of Introductory Physics

Chemistry -- 2 semesters of Introductory Chemistry with laboratory, plus 1 semester of organic chemistry.

Mathematics -- 1 semester of Calculus I, plus 1 semester of Calculus II.

Elective preparatory courses

Students must have an additional 18 semester hours of upper division coursework concentrated in either Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, or Civil Engineering.

Evaluation of preparation

Students may enter the program in Environmental and Earth Sciences from a variety of undergraduate degree programs. Thus a case-by-case evaluation of each student's undergraduate coursework must be made to ensure adequate preparation. The Graduate Advisor will conduct this review in consultation with program faculty members from specific areas of study. Students found to have insufficient preparation will be assigned undergraduate deficiency courses that must be taken early in their career as graduate students, and which will not provide credit towards their graduate degree. Applicants to the program are strongly encouraged to contact the Graduate Advisor with any questions about their undergraduate preparation.