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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feb 2015
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Sun, Feb 1, 2015

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  Focus on Faculty - George Siemens  

Coherence in a climate of fragmentation: The future structure of higher education

Technology fragments the structure of artifacts that were first created for physical spaces: albums have become individual songs, newspapers have become single articles and blog posts. In education, previously integrated systems of learning are becoming increasingly fragmented as universities partner with content developers and for-profit organizations to attract students and deliver online programs. What will universities look like in the future when the end-to-end model of higher education today (where the university enrolls, teaches, supports, and evaluates students in a research environment) is no longer as prominent as it is today? Content fragmentation, digital textbooks, and open online courses are in contrast with a key role of higher education: to assist learners in seeing the world as an integrated and coherent system. This presentation will explore how universities will be remade in the near future in response to participatory society, ubiquitous technology, and the ways in which systemic coherence is formed in digital environments.

Focus on Faculty is a Speakers' Series for UT Arlington faculty, begun during 2002-2003 to provide a forum for outstanding faculty to share their research and achievements with students, faculty and staff of this campus and with the citizens of Arlington. Speakers are invited who have received major awards for research, teaching or service. Six speakers are scheduled each year. A light dessert reception is served.

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Location: Central Library sixth floor parlor
Price: free and open to all
Sponsor: University of Arlington Libraries
Contact: Evelyn Barker
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