The University of Texas at Arlington

Event Calendar Upgrade

The University events calendar will receive a makeover this summer. The online event calendar is a comprehensive, university-wide event marketing calendar. University Communications will be upgrading UTA’s calendar to a cloud-based system in June.

The new calendar brings an array of features including a fresh, modern, mobile-friendly interface, social media integration, and more. We encourage faculty and staff to get familiar with the new calendar by reading below.

Why a new calendar?

The previous calendar system was no longer actively supported technically or content-wise, and the layout and features were not suited to today’s expectations.


We plan to roll out the new events calendar Tuesday, June 28, 2016.

What’s new?

New features include:

Anything else?

Other significant changes include:

Who should submit events?

Departments, centers and schools may wish to designate one staff member (or small group) who will submit events for their particular area. Submitted events are subject to approval by calendar administrators.

Student organizations should continue to submit events to MavOrgs. These events will automatically be imported into the new calendar.

What will it look like?

You can see a preview of the new calendar at We encourage you to login and submit events to get a feel for the new system, but be aware that any events submitted before June 28 are considered test events and will be deleted when the calendar launches.

Will I have to re-create my events in the new calendar?

When the new calendar is launched, we’ll delete all "test events", and then automatically pull in all current and future events from the current calendar. From that point on, you should use the “Submit an Event” button on the new calendar to add new events.

What will happen to the calendar feed on my website?

If your website includes a calendar events feed (for example the Student Life events on this page), it will need to be replaced with a new calendar “widget.” Website owners will have 60 days from the launch date to transition to the new widgets. Read more »

Website owners will have 60 days from the launch date to transition to the new calendar widgets / API. After that time, the previous calendar will be removed and legacy calendar feeds will no longer function. University Communications will be available to advise or assist with the transition.


Visit the Widget Builder tool to create a calendar widget. Widgets should not be published until the new calendar is launched at the end of June.


For website owners who desire the highest level of control and customization, a public API is available. For details see


Please contact Daniel Evilsizor (, Director of Online Communications, with any questions or comments.