I don't believe in Mathematics
- Albert Einstein



Benito Chen-Charpentier

Professor of Mathematics

University of Texas at Arlington

Arlington, Texas 76019-0408

Office: Pickard Hall 439
Phone: (817) 272-3913
Fax: (817) 272-5802
E-mail: bmchen@uta.edu



Research Interests

I have research interests in the areas of numerical analysis and differential equations as these areas relate to the problems of fluid flow through porous media, mathematical biology, especially population models, bone remodeling and biofilm growth. In addition, I am also working on perturbation and numerical techniques for two point boundary value problems with sharp layers and reaction terms, and for water waves. I am also interested in bifurcation, in non standard numerical methods, differential equations with random coefficients and in scientific computation in general.

Four Recent Publications

B.M CHEN-CHARPENTIER  and I. DIAKITE, A mathematical model of bone remodeling with delays,  2014, J. Computational and Applied Mathematics doi:10.1016/j.cam.2014.11.025

 B.-M. CHEN-CHARPENTIER, J.-C. CORTES, J.-A LICEA, J.-V.ROMERO, M.-D. ROSELLO, F.-J SANTONJA, R.-J VILLANUEVA, 2014, Constructing adaptive generalized polynomial chaos method to measure the uncertainty in continuous models: A computational Approach, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 109, pp.113-129, doi: 10.1016/j.matcom.2014.09.002

 G. GONZÁLEZ-PARRA, B. CHEN-CHARPENTIER, A. J. ARENAS, 2014, Polynomial Chaos for random fractional order differential equations, Applied Mathematics and Computation 226 123–130

B. CHEN-CHARPENTIER and M.LEITE, 2014, A Model for Coupling Fire and Insect Outbreak in Forests, Ecological Modeling, 286 , pp 26–36.

Teaching Interests

I am interested in teaching Calculus, Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Mathematical Modeling and any other topic related with my research. I like to teach both at the undergraduate and graduate levels and one of my main objectives is to advise theses and dissertations.

Current Courses (Spring, 2015)