Bugarin Group Research Interest

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Office: Chemistry

Research Building Room 205

Phone: 817-272-9399


Fax: 817-272-3808

Labs: Chemistry

Research Building

Rooms 209, 211, 213

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        Research in the Bugarin group focuses on catalytic reaction development with applications in natural product synthesis. Areas of fundamental interest include: the identification of new reactivity patterns, the evolution of related catalytic processes, and the development of new synthetic strategies. Specifically, we are pursuing new chemistry using azides, nucleophilic and electrophilic catalysis via N-heterocyclic carbenes, synergistic catalysis, redox economy, and metal-catalyzed tandem processes.

Triazenes as photo-basic or photo-nucleophilic catalysts

SECRET PROJECTS: We are always interested in pursuing big-picture goals. Our group has several projects that are at the exploration stage. These projects are in the areas of organocatalysis, medicinal chemistry, and sensors. For additional details, see the PI in person!