Native Languages of the Southwest at UT Arlington
From the 2012 Oklahoma Breath of Life Workshop; the Alabama group, with UT Arlington Linguistics &Student Lori McLain Pierce

Department of Linguistics & TESOL | The University of Texas at Arlington

CoLang 2014: Institute on Collaborative Language Research

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Course List

The Schedule for the 2014 Institute will involve Four-Day workshops (lasting 6 hours total; two series of these, one in Week 1 and the second in Week 2) and Two-Hour Workshops (lasting two hours total; occurring on two days, and are scheduled on two days, Friday, June 20 and Monday June 23). The scheduling for the different workshops and other events is online here. We are no longer accepting workshop proposals.

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Four-Day Workshops (by Area)
Introduction to Linguistics 1 Essential concepts of linguistic structure
Introduction to Linguistics 2 Essential concepts of linguistic structure
Orthography The process of designing a writing system
Grantwriting Structuring a proposal and making a convincing case
Transcription Theory and practice: phonetic, discourse and other systems
Lexicography Principles; Dictionary creation; specialized software
Technology (Basic Tech Use; Annotation, Data Management Software)
Audio 1 Basic techniques in recording and post-processing
Audio 2 Adv. techniques in recording and post-processing
Video 1 Basic techniques in recording and post-processing
Video 2 Adv. techniques in recording and post-processing
FLEx 1 Basic use of lexicography and text analysis software
FLEx 2 Adv. use of lexicography and text analysis software
Data Management and Archiving Metadata; workflow; process and current tools; archives; corpus creation; mobilization
Principles of Database Design Design and use of a database management system (DBMS)
ELAN 1 Basic methods in aligning texts to video and audio
ELAN 2 Adv. methods in aligning texts to video and audio
Miromaa Software for language programs
Using Technology for Language Documentation and Revitalization in Digital Domains Using the model of Cherokee Nation's language program, learn how to incorporate digital technology into language documentation and revitalization efforts
Advanced ELAN Techniques Advanced techniques beyond ELAN 1 & 2, including media, mobilization, interlinearization, and analysis
Community Language work
Life in Communities Ethical, practical, and interpersonal aspects of research
Blurring the Lines Skills for collaborative community-based research
Language Activism Outreach skills for the promotion of linguistic diversity
Survey Methods Design and use of language vitality and attitudes surveys
Community Language Archives Archives: what they are, what they are good for, and how they are created
Language and Wellness Learn how heritage language use/learning is connected to health & wellness and begin planning your own language/health project
Indigenous Language Revitalization Learn about the role of language in identity and relationships, examine cultural dynamics and best practices, and learn about language program planning and producing speakers
Pedagogical Grammars Making grammatical analysis accessible to lang. learners
Pedagogical Phonetics Making phonetic analysis accessible to lang. learners
Master-Apprentice Adult Immersion Developing this one-on-one approach to adult language learning/teaching with fluent elders of indigenous languages
Teaching Methods for Indigenous Languages Methods and approaches for teaching indigenous languages
Teaching Materials for Indigenous Languages Developing curriculum and assessment techniques for indigenous language classrooms
Ethnobotany 1 Basic hands-on practical tools for community based biodiversity assessment
Ethnobotany 2 Advanced hands-on practical tools for community based biodiversity assessment
Song Documentation Learn more about the cultural, linguistic and ethical aspects of the study of song
Two-hour Workshops
Ethnobiology 1 Tools for collecting ethnobiological data
Ethnobiology 2 Tools for collecting ethnobiological data
FLEx Office Hours Get answers to your questions and feedback on your FLEx database
Grants Practicum Begin a grant proposal or get feedback on a current project
Cherokee Immersion Demonstration Come experience what happens in a Cherokee immersion class
Introduction to GIS Learn how to incorporate Geographic Information Systems into your language work
Introduction to Rapid Word Collection Learn how Rapid Word Collection can help jump start any dictionary project by using groups of speakers working with semantic domains
IRB Workshop Get feedback on an IRB protocol for an upcoming project
Lexicon Expansion Consider various approaches for expanding a language's lexicon and the consequences for the language community
Personal Well-being in Minority Language Communities Discussion of topics encountered in the field, such as culture shock, health preparedness and gender & sexuality
Phonological Documentation Methods Learn best practices in documenting phonological (sound) features of a language
Praat Learn how to use the acoustic software Praat to record and analyze sound files
Semantic/Pragmatic Documentation Learn best practices in documenting semantic (meaning) and pragmatic (meaning in context) features of a language
Service Learning with Undergraduates Learn how to incorporate service learning in the community into your undergraduate curriculum
Sociolinguistic Documentation Learn best practices in documenting sociolinguistic features of a language
Staying in the Language Learn tips for sustaining talk in a language, whether in conversation, personal narrative, traditional story, etc., for documentation
TBA- 2hr A 2 hour workshop taught by Monica Macauley
Field Methods Courses
Innu Cree (Algonquian) Cree; Algonquian language family (Dr. Monica Macaulay, University of Wisconsin Madison)
Apoala Mixtec Oto-Manguean language family (Dr. Christian Dicanio, Haskins Laboratories / Yale University - Note: Class elicitations will be conducted in Spanish)
Alabama Muskogean language family (Dr. Mary Linn, University of Oklahoma)
Enya (Bantu) Niger-Congo language family--- Depending on interest in our field methods offerings, we may add this fourth section working with this underdescribed language of Africa, with Dr. Amanda Miller of Ohio State University as the instructor