Native Languages of the Southwest at UT Arlington
From the 2012 Oklahoma Breath of Life Workshop; the Alabama group, with UT Arlington Linguistics &Student Lori McLain Pierce

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Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America (AILLA) Office Hours and Collection


Monday, June 23 8:30-10:30 am
If you have been meaning to archive your field data on a Latin American indigenous language at AILLA (the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America), now is your chance! Susan Smythe Kung, the AILLA project manager, will gladly collect your materials at CoLang. For information about how to make a deposit to AILLA, please see the Information for Depositors on AILLA's website ( If you have any questions, please contact Susan directly at or (512) 495-4604. If you feel overwhelmed by the task, bring your data/materials with you to CoLang, and Susan will help you get organized and complete the metadata forms.


Susan Smythe Kung - Click here to view her biography.