Native Languages of the Southwest at UT Arlington
From the 2012 Oklahoma Breath of Life Workshop; the Alabama group, with UT Arlington Linguistics &Student Lori McLain Pierce

Department of Linguistics & TESOL | The University of Texas at Arlington

CoLang 2014: Institute on Collaborative Language Research



Language Activism


Location: Preston Hall 103
Week 1: Monday, June 16-Thursday, June 19
Period 4: 4:00-5:30 pm

In the framework developed by Florey, Penfield and Tucker, a language activist is a person who focuses energetic action towards preserving and promoting linguistic diversity. Crucially, this definition includes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists who bring a diversity of interests, skills, training in linguistics, and involvement in language documentation and revitalization projects. The Language Activism workshop is intended for all those who, by this definition, take themselves to be language activists. We welcome community members, linguists, students in linguistics, educators, and so forth to join us for this lively and inclusive workshop. The workshop will include a wide range of small group exercises based around activism scenarios. Participants will work towards drafting their own plan for community language activism. The content will reflect the different experiences of the two instructors, as well as draw in case studies from other contexts. We will examine and critically reflect on the range of skills that language activists may need in order to work in partnership with communities to undertake language documentation and revitalization projects. We recognize a wide range of contexts for language activism that may vary depending on country, language community, institutional affiliation and so forth. Issues covered include:


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