Native Languages of the Southwest at UT Arlington
From the 2012 Oklahoma Breath of Life Workshop; the Alabama group, with UT Arlington Linguistics &Student Lori McLain Pierce

Department of Linguistics & TESOL | The University of Texas at Arlington

CoLang 2014: Institute on Collaborative Language Research



Pedagogical Phonetics


Location: Preston Hall 110
Week 1: Tuesday, June 17-Friday, June 20
Period 1: 8:30-10:00 am

In this course, we will introduce the essentials for doing phonetics of any language. We will start with a description of articulatory phonetics, with reference to the identification and classification of consonants and vowels. This will lead to a survey of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) whose symbols are a tool to assist the field phonetician in accurate and near-universal representation of sounds of a language. We will go over how to incorporate IPA symbols into text, and we will introduce Praat, a free program for phonetic analysis that can be run on any platform. At the end of the class, students who felt that they did not have a sense of what the sounds of language were like and how to deal with them should have a grasp of the basics and the means to learn more on their own.

Before the first class, participants should download and install the following free programs:
—Praat (
—Doulos IPA font (; download one of the files under the header "Doulos SIL 4.110 (official release)"


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