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Patricia Cukor-Avila


Patricia Cukor-Avila’s research focuses on the study of linguistic variation and change, specifically grammatical change over time in African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Her longitudinal panel study (1988-present) of AAVE in a rural Texas community has provided much of the data for presentations and articles concerning approaches to sociolinguistic fieldwork, transmission and diffusion, as well as documenting innovations in African American English. She is coeditor (with Guy Bailey and Natalie Maynor) of The Emergence of Black English: Text and Commentary (1991) and author of several journal articles and book chapters. She is currently collaborating with the TX Center for Digital Knowledge and the UNT Library (TX History Portal) to seek external funding to digitize her 2 million-word AAVE corpus. This unique corpus includes approximately 165 hours of recordings with 103 informants born between 1894-2002: 67 African Americans, 24 Anglos, and 12 Mexican Americans.

Patricia also researches regional variation in American English and how regional accents play a role in how we judge people — linguistic stereotyping and accent discrimination. She is currently conducting cross-disciplinary research, incorporating the analytical methods of variation studies into traditional perceptual dialectology research through the use of a GIS and R, to map how people living in Texas perceive dialect regions within the state and their attitudes about these perceived regions. She is also collaborating on a similar project with perceptual data collected in Korea.

CoLang 2014 Course
Sociolinguistic Documentation - 2hr
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