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From the 2012 Oklahoma Breath of Life Workshop; the Alabama group, with UT Arlington Linguistics &Student Lori McLain Pierce

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CoLang 2014: Institute on Collaborative Language Research



Jenny Davis


Jenny Davis is a linguistic anthropologist and citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. She received a PhD in Linguistics from University of Colorado at Boulder in 2013. In 2011-2012, she was the Henry Roe Cloud Fellow in Native American studies at Yale University, and is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Linguistics at the University of Kentucky. Her research focuses on the linguistic negotiation of contemporary indigenous identity. She is particularly interested in language revitalization and documentation in indigenous communities and how process of globalization affect these movements of linguistic reclamation. Her current research project is a multi-sited investigation of the ways that--in the modern, urban American Indian diaspora--indigenous language(s) are used in locations outside of Native American reservations and trust lands.

CoLang 2014 Course
Language Activism
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