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Spike Gildea


Spike Gildea is a descriptive and historical linguist who has lived overseas a cumulative 4 ½ years, teaching and/or conducting linguistic research, primarily in isolated rural communities in Nepal, Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. He has received multiple NSF grants to support his own linguistic research and that of his students, who have written descriptive grammars of multiple indigenous languages of Latin America. As a Peace-Corps Volunteer in Nepal, he received training (and then 2 years of experience) in cross-cultural communication (especially building and maintaining community relations) and caring for one's health and well-being in physically and culturally isolated settings. He has since shared this experience via hands-on field training, taking 4 students directly to different minority communities and spending 2-4 weeks with each, helping them establish successful long-term patterns of living and working in their unique contexts. As the instructor for courses in field methods at Rice University and the University of Oregon, he introduced components on ethics, health, interpersonal dynamics, community relations, and grant-writing. He is a founding member of the InField/CoLang advisory group, has taught workshops in all three so far, and directed InField 2010 at the University of Oregon.

CoLang 2014 Courses
Life in Communities
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Grants Practicum - 2hr
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Personal Well-being in Minority Language Communities - 2hr
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