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Will McClatchey


Will McClatchey grew up on the White Mountain Reservation in Arizona before his family moved to Oregon where he completed high school then college at Oregon State University earning B.S. degrees in Anthropology and Pharmacy. He worked as a community and consultant pharmacist for ten years, during which time he earned an M.S. in Ethnobotany from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. in Botany (Evolutionary Biology) from the University of Florida. He is currently Director of Research at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. His research addresses hypotheses about the evolution of patterns of human interactions with plants and ecosystems. His past research was largely conducted in the South and Western Pacific regions on questions combining plant systematics, biogeography, and ethnobiology. Currently, his research group is working in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Pacific Islands studying 1) relationships between distribution patterns of human knowledge of biodiversity and actual biodiversity, 2) development and distribution of anthropogenic ecosystems, and 3) production of traditional alcoholic beverages.

CoLang 2014 Courses
Ethnobotany 1
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Ethnobotany 2
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Ethnobiology 1 - 2hr
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Ethnobiology 2 - 2hr
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