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Amanda Miller


My research generally focuses on the interaction between phonetics and phonology, especially in African Languages. My dissertation research focused on the acoustics and phonotactics of Ju
'hoansi guttural consonants and vowels. The Acoustic case study showed the voice quality cues associated with guttural consonants and vowels are the acoustic bases of the Guttural OCP constraint found in the language.

Another focus of my research is the articulatory properties of two classes of click consonants, those that involve tongue root retraction and those that do not. Ultrasound studies on these clicks in N
uu have shown that tongue body shape and tongue root shape are important to this contrast. I have also studied a class of clicks that were previously thought to illustrate a contrast in the posterior constriction. My studies have shown that they do not contrast in posterior place of articulation. I have analyzed these segments as airstream contours, a new type of segment. My research on the endangered Southern African language N
uu, undertaken in collaboration with Bonny Sands and Johanna Brugman under the auspices of my NSF grant, has described the entire inventory of 103 N
uu sounds.

I have developed the CHAUSA (Corrected High frame rateAnchored Ultrasound with Software Alignment) method that is capable of recording images of the majority of the tongue at frame rates of 125 fps and higher. The method allows quantitative comparison of dynamic sounds like complex consonants. I am currntly working on quantitative analysis of Mangetti Dune !Xung clicks. Current research has shown that the rarefaction gestures in different click types differ. Those that do not co-occur with front vowels involve tongue root retraction, while those that do involve a greater degree of tongue center lowering, and no tongue dorsum and tongue root retraction.

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