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Documentation of Endangered Languages in Yunnan, China

XU Xianming (Bai) & BAI Bibo (Hani)
Yuxi Normal University (China)
Sponsored by Charles T. McDowell Center for Critical Languages & Area Studies

Tuesday, June 24, 1-2pm
Lone Star Auditorium, Maverick Activities Center

Course Information:
The presentation will showcase the situation of endangered languages in Yunnan Province, where more minority languages are spoken than anywhere else in China. It will give a brief look at linguistic surveys, minority language identification and orthography design, and describe the problems and pressures that exist in small language communities today. Case studies from the authors’ own projects will illustrate the challenges and successes of language documentation in China.

Instructors Biographies:
Husband-and-wife team XU Xianming and BAI Bibo both serve at the Institute of Ethnic Cultures and Social Development at Yuxi Normal University in Yunnan, China. Prof. XU is director of the Research Centre for Endangered Languages and Prof. BAI is executive director of the Innovative Team for Documentation and Research for Endangered Languages in Yunnan. They have been working on endangered languages, cultural maintenance, and language and orthography revitalization since 2000. They are themselves members of minority ethnic communities; Prof. XU is Bai and Prof. BAI is Hani.