International Finance

Course Topics

  1. International Monetary Arrangements
  2. The Market For Foreign Exchange
  3. Open Economy Macroeconomics
  4. Policy Analysis Under Fixed Exchange Rates
  5. Policy Analysis Under Floating Exchange Rates
  6. Goods Prices and Exchange Rates
  7. The Forward Market
  8. Interest Rates, Yield Spreads and Derivative Securities
  9. International Capital Markets
  10. Traditional Theories of Exchange Rate Determination
  11. The Monetary Approach To Exchange Rate Determination
  12. Forecasting Exchange Rates

Miscellaneous Information

Course Objectives

This course will provide an introduction to the functioning of international money markets, the behavior of exchange rates and their derivatives and the basic models used by economists to explain the behavior of exchange rates and their derivatives. We will use real world empirical evidence to motivate the current state of knowledge.

Academic Integrity

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Students With Disabilities

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