LING 2301

Revised Course Schedule


Note that for week 14, the numbering of the required links no longer corresponds to the month and day of the lecture. Rather, these numbers reflect the links’ original location in the syllabus.









22: Language Change
Essays #19 and #20

24: Etymology
no class meeting; work online

26: Thanksgiving Holiday
no class meeting



29: History of English (video)
Essay #21

1: Language Policies     L-1117-1,
L-1117-2, L-1117-3, L-1117-4 *

3: “English Only”
L-1119-1 and L-1119-2



6: Language Ecology
Essay #29, L-1206-1, L-1206-2

8: Language Myths & Triumphs
Essay #32, L-1208

10: Wrap-up / Feedback
Any final questions…




15: Final Exam
11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
review all course materials


*Do not read all of the text at these links; rather, use your browser’s “find” function to locate text relevant to language.



Details for the links

L-1117-1 .....

L-1117-2 ..... (article 4)

L-1117-3 ..... (title 1, article 2)

L-1117-4 .....

L-1119-1 .....

L-1119-2 .....

L-1206-1 .....

L-1206-2 .....

L-1208 .......




Quiz #9 will take place online. See the instructions regarding the online activity with the Oxford English Dictionary and then take the quiz at between November 24 and November 29.


Quiz #10 will take place on Friday, December 3. It will cover the materials in the two links below:

·         L-1119-1 .....

·         L-1119-2 .....



Remember: students who present evidence of having participated in a linguistics research study will have their “new” lowest grade replaced by a grade of 5. These experiments usually last no more than one hour, and scheduling is available at a variety of times. Interested students should email before December 1 to arrange their participation, or to ask any questions. Participation in such an experiment must occur no later than Friday, December 10; proof of participation must be given to me before the start of the final examination on Wednesday, December 15. (Proof or participation will be provided by the staff running the experiment.)