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LING 2301 – Fall Semester 2010

Section 001 – Dr. David J. Silva

MWF, 11:00–11:50 AM, University Hall 007 (basement)


Current Information


Syllabus Update! Click here to view the updated syllabus, which covers the last three weeks of the course.  –DJS, Nov 22


In place of a regular class meeting on Wednesday, November 24, you are being asked to complete an online activity, which is linked to quiz #9. Click here for all of the details.  –DJS, Nov 22



Previous Announcements


Quiz #6 is now available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RWTQTWK.  The questions cover missed items on exam #2. You will have until SATURDAY at 4:00 PM to complete the quiz. Quiz #7 will take place on Friday, November 5. It will cover chapter 30 in the textbook.  –DJS, Nov 3


Quiz #4 is now available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X5NPNN9. Be sure to complete it by this Saturday, October 16th, at 4:00 PM.  –DJS, October 11.


For Friday, October 1, we will not be meeting as a class, so please do not come to UH 007 at 11:00. Instead of having regular class, you will encounter new material in the form of several short video clips. The procedure for completing the day’s materials can be found by clicking here. Note that there is a quiz associated with these videos. You can find Quiz #3 online at SurveyMonkey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D5FH55G.  The quiz closes at 3:00 PM (CDT) on Saturday, October 2, 2010.   –DJS, September 28


For Wednesday, September 29, you will be meeting in your regular teams, so be sure to report to your team location. (See the e-mail sent to you on Tuesday, or the handout distributed in class on Monday, September 27.)  -DJS, September 28


Good luck on Exam #1!  BTW, you may want to read “Dr. Dave’s Philosophy on Exams and Grades” before Friday at 11:00. It may provide you with new insights. -DJS, September 23


Exam #1 will take place on Friday, September 24. The exam will cover all of the material listed in the syllabus from the first day of class up until Wednesday, September 22. You should review the readings, class notes, and previous quizzes. The exam will consist of multiple choice, statement corrections, and short-answer items. It is worth 60 points. You will have until noon to complete it.  –DJS, September 21


Don’t forget to vote for your top three airline names. For all the details, see the e-mail message sent your “mavs.uta.edu” address on Tue 9/14/2010 at 5:15 PM. Voting closes at noon on Saturday, September 18th.  –DJS, September 15


Syllabus Update! Please note the following minor changes to the course schedule for week 3:


Mon, Sept 13

Re-read essays #11 and #51


Wed, Sept 15

Read the essay by George Orwell at

< Quiz

Fri, Sept 17

Read essays #42 and #43. We will have a guest lecture.


–DJS, September 9


Quiz #2!  As noted above, the second reading quiz will be held at the beginning of class on Wednesday, September 15. It will cover the essay entitled “Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell.
Remember: Quizzes are given promptly at 11:00 and are designed to be short.   –DJS, September 9


Quiz #1!  The first reading quiz will be held at the beginning of class on Wednesday, September 8. It will cover the material presented in essays 15 and 16. Please be sure to read both prior to class. I would also encourage you to take notes on the two essays, a practice that will likely reinforce your retention and learning of the material. Remember: Quizzes are given promptly at 11:00 and are designed to be short. –DJS, August 30


If you haven’t yet obtained your textbook yet and need a copy of the readings for essays 15 and 16, click here.


Welcome! This document will serve as our course’s homepage. It’s not flashy by any means, but it should provide you with useful information about the class. Here’s a hint about the first day: My last name is “Silva” – not like the metal, but rather, Latin for “woods.” (What does your last name mean?) See you on Friday, promptly at 11:00 a.m. at University Hall 007.  –DJS, August 25


Documents and Links


Course Documents

·         Course Syllabus(.pdf)

·         “Dr. Dave’s Philosophy on Exams and Grades” (.htm)


Other Links

·         UT Arlington Department of Linguistics and TESOL

·         UT Arlington

·         Linguistic Society of America


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