Bringing together linguists from Korea, China, and beyond!

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International Circle of Korean Linguistics

Bringing together linguists from Korea, China, and beyond!

18th International Conference of Korean Linguistics (ICKL 2012) and the Xuzhou Conference on Linguistic Sciences

Call for Abstracts


Abstracts are solicited for 20 minute presentations (followed by 10 minutes of discussion) on any aspect of linguistics that addresses phenomena in any language, with a special emphasis on research that addresses Korean, Chinese, and the intersection of these two. All presentations at the conference must be delivered in English; in addition, all abstracts must be written in English.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically using “
EasyAbs”. The electronic file may contain up to two pages.

Page 1 (required) should begin with the title of the presentation (12-point font, bold, centered on the page), followed by a blank line, followed by the main text of the abstract. This text should not extend beyond a single page. Moreover, it should be typed using a 12-point font and single-spaced. Note: page 1 should not include the name(s) of the author(s).


Page 2 (optional) should include tables, figures, and other information that support the main text on page 1. It should also provide references (if necessary). Note that page 2 should not include any part of the abstract’s main text.

The abstract file must be in one of the following formats: .doc, or .pdf. If your abstract includes any non-standard fonts, you should submit your file as a .pdf file and embed the special fonts into the document.

To submit an abstract to this special collaborative conference, visit


Abstract deadline: December 28, 2011.

Important Dates

· January 2012: Abstracts will be reviewed by anonymous readers.

· February 2012: Authors will be notified of the results.

· April 2012: A preliminary program will be posted online.

· Autumn 2012: Presenters will be invited to submit revised manuscripts for consideration in a peer-reviewed volume.

· late 2013 (approximate): A subset of papers from the conference, chosen on the basis of peer-review, will be published.

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