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2004. "Protect the 'Liberal'." Harvard Magazine, Cambridge 02138 (Letters), May-June.

2003. "English Only, You Say?" Dallas Morning News, Viewpoints, Friday, October 24.

2003. "Corea Wants to Move Higher up the Alphabet.Dallas Morning News, Viewpoints, Thursday, September 24.

2003. "Heroes Heard but Not Seen." Dallas Morning News, Viewpoints, Tuesday, April 3.

2002. "Put extra weight in our pockets, not our stomachs." Dallas Morning News, Viewpoints, Friday, August 16.

2001. “The Secrets of Preparing for College.” Dallas Morning News, Viewpoints, Saturday, August 25.

2001. “Bad Driving is a Matter of Bad Genes.” Dallas Morning News, Viewpoints, Saturday, July 21.

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International Circle of Korean Linguistics

Linguistic Society of America

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

Other Links

For information related to language policy, education, bilingualism, etc., go to James Crawford's Home Page. Amazing!

Interested in learning Korean? Go to the home page of the "CALI" Project at the University of Arizona. The lessons for Korean have been written by yours truly.

Want to learn about Portugal? Then click here for information. There’s also an interesting page about the Azores, whence come my parents.

I’m a big fan of public transportation, especially the Boston "T" (I grew up on bus route #96), Dallas' DART, and the City of Lisbon Tram System.

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