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Dragon Mosaic, Forbidden City, Beijing  (Aug 2000)

S. Miguel, Azores, North Coast (May 2007)

Gravesite Prepared for Chuseok (Sep 2004)

Wildflowers at Inwangsan, Seoul (2004)

A Gift from Suh Jae-Eun (Sep 2004)

Sunflower, Eastern New Mexico (Aug 2004)

Detail of Funeral Transport (Sep 2004)

Honolulu (Apr 2007)
Pavilion Doors, Seolleung, Seoul (Sep 2004)
Bomeunsa Tiger (Seoul)
Tiger, Bongeun-sa, Seoul (Sep 2004)

Ribeira Grande, S. Miguel, Azores (May 2007)

Univ of Libson Window (Oct 2008)

Lexi Shepherd
<RIP + 09/08/2007>

Tomo Akita (Jan 2006)

Yoshi Akita (Oct 2007)
<RIP + 06/12/2010>

Mr. Kenji Akita
<RIP + 12/03/2005>

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