Eric Smith

Amphibian & Reptile Diversity Research Center
Department of Biology
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX 76019-0498
817.272.3616 (ARDRC)
817.272.0522 (lab)
817.272.2588 (fax)

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David Van Hoogstraten

Utpal Smart

Prospective students

The Eric N. Smith lab has a broad research interest, and is always
interested in prospective graduate (and undergraduate) students who
want to work in any of our active fields of research. Potential
graduate students must be highly self-motivated, and typically have
accumulated substantial research experience before joining our lab.
While the latter is not always necessary, it does make it easier to
help you develop a suitable research project.

The single most important aspect that we seek in incoming students
is a genuine passion for conducting research. While having suitably
high scores, excellent recommendations, and publications are all
important aspects that will strengthen your application, we ultimately
try to evaluate you based on your potential to become a productive
member of our research group. Limited space and funding, and a large
number of applicants have made the application and evaluation processes
increasingly competitive for new students.

If you are interested in joining our lab, please e-mail me some
information about yourself, your interests and ideas, and any relevant
past research experience.

Eric N. Smith