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Generalized Frequency Coding is a relatively recent technique. Nonetheless several articles have applied GFC. It has been used for analyzing allozymic data (Bonett, 2002) using non-cumulative frequencies, and for the analyses of morphological characters, ordered and unordered meristic, and continuous (Doan, 2003a,b; Doan & Castoe, 2003; Gutberlet & Harvey, 2002; Smith, 2001; Smith & Gutberlet, 2001)

Input data matrix

Following I explain the use of FastMorphologyGFC and GFC with an example of Pokemon Characters.

The input data matrix should be a text file with the following properties:

1.First line should be the list of characters to be analyzed.

2.First column contains the OTU identification to be used by Paup.

3.All data in the matrix should be numerical (NO "," or ".") or a "?" (missing data [blanks] or not applicable input data). Original data coded as letters should be transformed to numerical form, maintaining order if it is the case.

4.All separators should be either tabs and/or spaces.

5.The last line should contain a single ";" (line after the last data line).

6.No extra characters should be in the file (extra blank lines are accepted).

7.Character or OTU names should be a single word (string, no spaces).

Matrix Example

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