Available - Funding for two Graduate Students

I am currently looking to support two graduate students at the level of PhD. They will have to be pursuing their degree at UTA and the grant will cover their tuition and salary for three years. This is a great opportunity that I would like to make available to at least one Indonesian student. (In order to accommodate exceptional students we could make one of the positions available for one Masters student, if necessary.) Anyone interested (PhD/MS) will have to pass our Graduate School requirements (e.g., high grades from previous school, GRE, TOEFL) and will have to meet our deadlines (Before February to be admitted during the Summer of 2012, before April to be admitted for the Fall of 2012, before September to be admitted for the Spring of 2013). If you want to put forward any names I would appreciate it.  I will later send a more formal announcement that you can make available through any appropriate venues. This will have links and other pertinent information.