Gilson Rivas


Gilson Rivas is a Venezuelan herpetologist who has been working during the last ten year on the systematics and taxonomy of Venezuelan herpetofauna, primarily with squamates, and to a lesser extent with dendrobatid frogs and chelid turtles. Gilson's main interests are the systematics of South American lizards and colubrid snakes of the genera Taeniophallus, Dipsas, and Rhynobothruym. He has published more than 60 scientific papers, ranging from shorter contributions to larger articles in well-known journals, such as American Museum Novitates, Copeia, and Herpetologica.

Gilson has also worked with other colleagues to describe several new species of reptiles (Anadia pariaensis, Anolis anatoloros, Mabuya altamazonica, Mabuya meridensis, Pseudoeryx relictualis, Riama rhodogaster, and Taeniophallus nebularis) and frogs (Allobates caribe, Anomaloglossus whotuja, and A. triunfo).

He worked in the Museo de Historia Natural La Salle for ten years, where he was curator of the herpetology department. Now he is an associate researcher at the Museo de BiologĂ­a, La Univesidad del Zulia (Venezuela). Gilson is currently working on the systematics of Anolis, Gonatodes, Mabuya, and Dipsas. In addition, he is also working on a field guide of the lizards of Caracas in collaboration with Gabriel Uguetto, as well as on a checklist on the reptiles of Venezuela.

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