Robert C. Jadin, M.S.


As a herpetologist, naturalist, and systematist, Robert has a passion for learning about biodiversity, biogeography, conservation, evolutionary biology, natural history, phylogenetic theory, and nearly any amphibian and reptile. He received his Master's degree in Biology from UT Tyler under the advisement of Dr. Ron Gutberlet, and holds a B.S. in biology (fisheries and wildlife emphasis, double major) from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. Robert's taxa of interest are Old and New World pitvipers, and his research applies morphological and molecular data to investigate questions about the phylogenetic relationships among them. In addition, Robert enjoys road cruising on rainy nights, long walks in cloud forest habitats, flipping rocks and logs with herps underneath, writing natural history notes, and inferring phylogenies. In the spring of 2008 Robert left UTA and joined the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder as a doctoral student in the lab of Dr. Robert P. Guralnick.

Robert Jadin