i MEMS Publication Format and Rules


Reference format


“Paper Title in Title Case Format Case,” A. Author, B. Author and C. Author, Journal or Conference Name, Vol. X, No. Y, pp. 123-143, Jan. 1 2008. (For conference, Location of Conference, pp. 123-143, Jan. 1 2008.)


If there is space limitation, Journal Name can be abbreviated using common abbreviation such as:

JMEMS, Trans. of IEEE MTT, Proc. of IEEE.


Figure format


1. Data plot should be proportional: label should be proportional to the entire figure, font should be proportional and tick numbers should be proportional (on both x- and y-axis). Label frequency should be proportional to the tick numbers.

2. Remember not all journals or proceedings have color pages so the curves should also have different styles, besides different colors.

3. Data plot should have all four borders. X and Y axis’ are repeated without labels on the other two borders.

4. No grid lines.

5. Legends are inside the plot.

6. No title of the data plot is in the plot.

7. Font in the figure should be the same as the font in the text of the article.





 Text format


General mistakes

1.    Double space between words.

2.    “–”and “-” are different.

3.    There is a space before the reference parenthesis [1].

4.    “x” and “times” are different.

5.    Be consistent with capitalization in titles or section titles.


Good practice

·         Start your file in WORD with WORD 2003 format. DO NOT write in WORD 2007 since your co-authors may not have WORD 2007. When convert WORD 2007 to WORD 2003, sometimes tables or figures get lost or messed up.

·         Always plot your figures in the formats as they should look like in the final version of the paper. And always assume that the paper will be printed in black-and-white. Including too many colors is a bad idea. The figure should have the same font as the main text.

·         Run spelling check.

·         Indentation, alignment, and fonts should be consistent in the entire paper.

·         Read your paper out loud SENTENCE BY SENTENCE to make sure

o   Is there confusion or possible confusion with the sentences?

o   Do I understand what I try to say?

o   Does my co-author understand what I try to say?

o   Does it sound like English?