i MEMS Group Rules


The iMEMS group is a family of honest and hard-working researchers who are nice, kind and willing to help others. We would like to keep the tradition and standards in our family. Generally speaking, we apply common sense, good judgment and integrity to maintain the tradition and standards, but some rules need to be laid out.



Lab training materials


Step 1:

Call UTA Hazcom Training: Ms. Warren, Laura, x20937 or x22185

Training staff website: [http://policy.uta.edu/index.php?navid=13459&view=13972]

Students need to pass the on-line training and inform Nanofab Ms. Cynthia Bradfield about the training

Step 2:

Make reservation with Nanofab Nanofab on-site training website

Students need to pass the training tests

Step 3:

Make reservation with Nanofab Ms. Cynthia Bradfield, x21536

for face-to-face meeting

·    Ask our senior group members for training materials – Powerpoint file, tweezers, masks and other fab tools

·    Wet chemistry training

·    Photolithography training

Step 4:

Laser training. Call Bradley, Jennifer x22185




o       All rules must be followed or room/computer access will be removed.

o       Group books including textbooks and conference proceedings stay in the student office NH143. They should not be taken outside unless to be xeroxed.

o       Each member has his/her own space. No bicycle, umbrella, papers or any personal stuff should be placed in others’ or empty cubicles.

o       Do not bring your friends or family to the student office without an introduction to everyone. Outsiders may make other students uncomfortable. People who are not our group members should stay in the guest (sofa) area, not in the cubicles.

o       Students are responsible for the cleanness and tidiness of cubicles and lab spaces.


Lab (NH135, NH146, ELB 236, Nanofab)

o       All chemicals must be labeled or they will be removed.

o       Students are encouraged to mark their own working area.

o       Students are responsible to clean up and the safety of their own work area. People who do not follow up their own responsibility will not be allowed to stay in this group.

o       Students who violet the Nanofab safety protocol will be issued a warning. Student’s access to Nanofab will be removed at the second warning and the student will not be allowed to stay in this group.

o       Person who purchases chemicals is responsible to keep the MSDS sheets and scan/upload to our ftp site.


Group meeting

·          Everyone has to present weekly about his/her own research progress and upload the presentation files in the group ftp server once gain ftp privilege.

·          Absence or being late is not allowed without a phone or email notice one day before the meeting day.



·          Group member is responsible to his/her own training requirement including Hazcom training, Nanofab training, Laser training, Animal protocol training, Biological safety training.