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IEEE MTT-S Technical Committee MTT-10
Biological Effect and Medical Applications of RF and Microwave











The mission of the TC MTT-10 is to promote applications of RF and microwave technology in medicine and biology and to encourage the dissemination of the ideas, research findings, and training in this area.



Areas of Interest to MTT-10

        Biological effect of electromagnetic fields from low frequency to sub-millimeter wave (THz)

        Biological material characterization utilizing RF and microwave techniques and electromagnetic sensing of living systems

        Issues governing standards, regulations, compliance, and safety in wireless communication for biomedical applications

        Applications of RF/Microwave in medical imaging

        RF and microwave therapeutic applications, ablation, and hyperthermia

        RF and microwave biomedical antennas and applicators

        Wireless communication and RF hardware in healthcare delivery systems

        Emerging microwave/RF technologies and system integration and miniaturization for biomedical applications, wireless implantable devices, and networks incorporating medical sensors

        Wireless sensors and telemetry for medical therapy and diagnostics

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