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J.-C. Chiao
Janet and Mike Greene Professor, Jenkins Garrett Professor

Electrical Engineering Department, University of Texas – Arlington

Adjunct Associate Professor

 Internal Medicine, University of Texas – Southwestern, Medical Center

Professor and Graduate Committee,

Joint Biomedical Engineering Program, Material Science


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Online course for high school students ‘Lilliputian Minions: Microelectromechanical System (MEMS)’ will be on line at UTA in the Fall semester.


IMS 2015 workshop “Status and Challenges of Wearable Devices Utilizing Microwaves and RF”. Download J.C. Chiao’s presentation file here.


IEEE Microwave Magazine July 2015 Special Issue, edited by J-C Chiao and Dietmar Kissinger: Seeing into the Mind.  Medical Applications of RF and Microwaves. Techniques in Medical Applications. The magazine link: here The download link: here.


IEEE Microwave Magazine May 2015 Special Issue, edited by Dietmar Kissinger and J-C Chiao: Sensing Quality of Life Medical Applications of RF and Microwaves. Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnostics. The magazine link: here The download link: here.


IEEE Microwave Magazine March 2015 Special Issue, edited by J-C Chiao and Dietmar Kissinger: Engineering your Health. Biological Effects and Medical Applications of RF and Microwaves.  Therapy and Safety. The magazine link: here The download link: here.


National Geographic magazine, July issue. The collection of international versions of this page: click here.

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Sept. 27 2014. CBS The Henry Ford “Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca”.

Click here for video.

July 25 2014 “Real Money with Ali Velshi”.  Click here for video.

Jan. 17 2014 Fox Business News “Money with Melissa Francis”.  Click here for video.

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The Lilliputian Windmill: It is 1.8mm in diameter. We can fit 2040 windmills on your iPhone 4. Click here for video.


The Micro Windmill Media Coverage: Click here for all collections

Wired Magazine, TIME Magazine, Washington Post, The Verge,  UK Daily News, Science Daily, CBC News, Huffington Post, Forbes, Gizmodo,

Chinese United Daily News, Japanese Techable, Korean GTNet, Persian FarNet,

India Times of India, Africa iAfrica,

Europe EE Times Europe, German Deutsche Mittelstands Nachrichten, French Le Huffingtonpost, Norwegian Teknofil,  Italian WebNews,  Spanish Ondacero, Dutch Maxposure, Greek LiveNews, Polish GeekWeek, Russian EcoNet



Dr. Chiao received The 2011 Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award in Engineering presented by The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas (TAMEST) on Jan 6 2011.

        Tribute video: website

        2011 recipients: website

        Presentation in TAMEST annual conference: website

        TAMEST press release on Jan 6 2011: Pdf file

        Senator Hutchison’s Opinion Editorials in Dallas Morning News (Jan. 7 2011): Pdf file

        UTA press release on Jan. 7 2011: UTA Website


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Dr. Chiao received The 2011 Tech Titan Technology Innovator Award presented by Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) on Aug. 26 2011.

       Tech Titans Award video

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Dr. Chiao received the Heroes of Healthcare, Research in Medicine Milestone award on March 7 2012. 

·       Award program page 1, page 31

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Nedderman Hall 538, Box 19016,
University of Texas at Arlington,
Arlington, TX 76019-0016


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