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Psycholinguistics Lab Home

In the Psycholinguistics Lab, we investigate language production and comprehension in native and non-native speakers. The lab is spread across three separate spaces in the Hammond/Trimble building: The "main" lab (Hammond Hall 130) features four stations for running experiments on DMDX. At these stations, it is possible to run a range of experimental tasks, including lexical decision, (word/picture) naming, semantic categorization, moving-window self-paced reading, maze task self-paced reading, (speeded) grammaticality judgment, sentence matching, and elicited production, among many others. The eye-tracking lab (Trimble Hall 217D) houses an EyeLink1000 eye tracker (SR Research) that is used primarily to investigate eye movement patterns during reading (but can be used for a variety of other experiment types). We also have a new EEG/ERP lab (Trimble Hall 213) where we run experiments using a Biosemi EEG system.

If you would like more information on the Psycholinguistics Lab, please contact Jeffrey Witzel at jeffrey.witzel/at/