Jeffrey D. Witzel


Remote DMDX

Recently, I have been experimenting with a new version of DMDX (created by Kenneth Forster and Jonathan Forster) that allows for remote testing. This web-deployable version of DMDX provides a convenient way for language researchers to gather experimental data on languages whose speakers are hard to come by. If you would like to try a demo experiment that uses this version of DMDX, click on any of the links below and follow the directions. After you finish the experiment, your results will be sent to me automatically via email. (These experiments are not part of an active study, so I will not report their results in any way.)

Demo A
Demo B
Demo C
Demo D

Here are a couple of demo experiments I created for my Fall 2018 undergraduate psycholinguistics class:


Here are the experiments that this undergraduate psycholinguistics class created. Please feel free to take one (or more!) of them:

Class Experiment 1
Class Experiment 2
Class Experiment 3
Class Experiment 4