Jerold A. Edmondson, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

University of Texas at Arlington

Holding lecture at The Central University of Nationalites, Beijing 2011

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Plosives and Applosives in Taiwanese and Vietnamese: Laryngoscopie Case Studies


Lesser Known Languages of Northern Vietnam

Supralaryngeal cavity shape, linguistic register, and other phonetic features of Somali

Somali videoimages for "Supralaryngeal cavity shape..."

Dinka Voice Qualities

La fuerza articulatoría en la fonética del idioma Triqui de Chicahuaxtla

Valves of the Throat for describing Taiwanese and Vietnamese initials/finals : laryngoscopic case studies

The power of language over the past: Tai settlement and Tai linguistics in southern China and northern Vietnam appeared in Studies in Southeast Asian languages

and linguistics, ed. by Jimmy G. Harris, Somsonge Burusphat and James E. Harris, 39–64. Bangkok, Thailand: Ek Phim Thai Co. Ltd.

A laryngoscopic study of glottal and epiglottal/pharyngeal stop and continuant articulations in Amis--anAustronesian language of Taiwan

Video images for the paper "A laryngoscopic study of glottal and epiglottal/pharyngeal stop and continuantarticulations in Amis--  an Austronesian language of Taiwan "

Voice quality and theAryepiglotticFolds in Bai and Yi   appeared in Mon-Khmer Studies 31.83-93.

Bai video images "Bai andYi voice quality and the aryepiglottic folds"

Tibeto-Burman languages of Vietnam:  Comparative Vocabulary

Sui Phonetics appeared in Mon-KhmerStudies 34.47-66.

Figures for Sui phonetics

Video images of Sui phonetics

Notes on the subdivisions of Kra


2009 Researcher in Monsoon Asia Project Dept of Linguistics at National Tsinghua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

2001 Visiting Fellow, National Thai Studies Centre, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

1998 Visiting Professor, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

1997 Honorary Professor, Central University of Nationalities, Beijing, China

1981-present University of Texas at Arlington, currently Professor of Linguistics

1980 Texas A&M University Visiting Professor

1973-79 Technical University Berlin, Dr.Phil. Habilitation, General Linguistics

1973-75 University of Bielefeld, Post Doc Fellow, Visiting Asst Professor

1970-73 University of California, LosAngeles, Ph.D. Germanic Languages 1973

1967-69 University of California, LosAngeles, M.A. German1969

1959-63 PurdueUniversity, B.S. Physics1963


SE Asian minority languages, China,Laos, Myanmar,Thailand, and Vietnam

historical comparative linguistics

syntactic and semantic theory

linguistic universals

biological/neurological aspects of lg.

Germanic linguistics


Jerold A. Edmondson. 2011. Notes on the subdivisions in Kra. Published as 仡央语言分类补议 in Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities. 广西民族大学学报. 33.2.8-14.

Anthony V. N.  Diller, Jerold A. Edmondson & Luo Yongxian. (2008). The Tai-Kadai Languages. Routledge Language Family Series.  704pp

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727–749, 10.1111/j.1749-818x.2007.00033.x


Jerold A. Edmondson. 2007. The power of language over the past: Tai settlement and Tai linguistics in southern China and northern Vietnam. In J. G. Harris, S. Burusphat, and James E. Harris

(eds.) Studies in Southeast Asian Linguistics.  Bangkok.


Jerold A. Edmondson and John H. Esling.  2006. The valves of the throat and their functioning in tone, vocal register and stress: laryngoscopic case studies. Phonology 23.2.157-91.

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Elliott D. Ross, Jerold A. Edmondson, G. BurtonSeibert,Jin-Lieh Chan. 1992. Affective exploitation of tone in Taiwanese: Anacoustical study of "tone latitude". Journal of Phonetics 20.441-56.

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