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11-27-2013   We welcome Parham Asgari and Udaya Dakarapu to the group!

11-17-2013   Appu, Gabby, Yuanda, and Junha attended ACS SWRM ’13 in Waco, TX.

09-03-2013   Jared accepted the job offer from UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Congratulations and thanks, Jared!  Have a safe trip to Houston!

06-17-2013   Congratulations to Yuanda, Hiep, and Rush as their development of ligand-controlled hydrosilylation reactions was published in Org. Lett. Click here

06-12-2013   We welcome WSSP scholar, Brooke Versaw to the group!

05-13-2013   We welcome James Roh and Grant Pham to the group!

03-28-2013   Congrats to Rush Scaggs on being awarded Graduate Dean’s Award on the ACES. Click here

01-02-2013   We welcome Appu Bokka, Andy Seal, Gabby Trog, and S.J. Jung to the group.

10-05-2012   Congrats to Rush Scaggs and Hiep Nguyen on being awarded first and third prize at the CBS poster symposium.

08-02-2012   We welcome Dr. Yuanda Hua to the group!

02-13-2012   We welcome Neeta Dash to the group!

01-02-2012   We welcome Seongbin Ga to the group!

12-20-2011   We welcome William Scaggs and Naphtali Reyna to the group!

11-05-2011   We welcome Adam Berlin and Hiep Nguyen to the group!

09-01-2011   We welcome Khoa Nguyen to the group!

08-27-2011   New science professors have big plans at UTA. Check the stories out.

08-08-2011   New Start at UT Arlington

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