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10-16-2015   Deem headed to Bangkok, Thailand after completing his successful research through the summer exchanging program sponsored by Mahidol University.  Have a safe trip to Bangkok!

09-01-2015   We welcome Jesus Garcia, Holly Vu, and Carlos De La Rosa (UGs) to the group!

07-13-2015   We welcome a visiting student Chanachon Thiamsiri from Mahidol  University (Torsak Luanphaisarnnont group), Thailand, to the group!

07-10-2015   Vishnu headed to Cypress, TX after completing his successful WSSP research.  Have a safe trip to Cypress!

06-10-2015   We welcome a Welch Summer Scholar Program (WSSP) scholar, Vishnu Nair (HS) to the group!

05-25-2015   We welcome Hien Pham (UG) to the group!

04-25-2015   Junha has received Excellence in Teaching Award, The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Phi UTA.

04-24-2015   Udaya successfully defended her Masters Thesis.  Congratulations, Udaya!

04-16-2015   Hiep has been awarded the American Chemical Society (ACS)’s Division of Organic Chemistry Outstanding Senior Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Student Award.  Congratulations, Hiep!

                     See COS news.

04-15-2015   Congratulations to Appu, Yuanda, and Adam as their development of Grubbs-Type Ruthenium Complex-Catalyzed Intramolecular Alkene Hydrosilylation was accepted in ACS Catalysis.

04-13-2015   Congratulations to Apparao Bokka, who received chemistry department Graduate Teaching Award!

04-13-2015   Congratulations to Nawal Rahman, who received John T. Murchison Award for Outstanding Senior Chemistry/Biochemistry Major!

04-08-2015   Congratulations to Yuanda, SJ, and James as their development of Reductive Csp2–H and Csp3–H Silylation of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives was accepted in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.

03-16-2015   We welcome Wacothon Karime Coulibaly (PD) to the group!

01-27-2015   Congratulations to Yuanda, Parham, and Udaya as their development of reductive arene ortho-silanolization of aromatic esters was accepted in Chemical Communications.

11-21-2014   We welcome Thiru Avullala (PhD) to the group!

11-19-2013   Appu, Yuanda, and Junha attended ACS SWRM ’14 in Ft. Worth, TX.

10-24-2014   The Jeon group has been awarded an ACS PRF grant.

07-08-2014   Congratulations to Yuanda, Hiep, Gabby, and Adam as their development of diene ligand-mediated hydrosilylation reaction was accepted in European Journal of Organic Chemistry.

07-11-2014   Teresa headed to Houston after completing her successful WSSP research.  Have a safe trip to Houston!

06-18-2014   We welcome Nawal Rahman (UG) to the group!

06-11-2014   We welcome a Welch Summer Scholar Program (WSSP) scholar, Teresa Lee (HS) to the group!

04-17-2014   Congratulations to Gabby Trog and Appu Bokka, who passed their candidacy exams!

04-15-2013   Rush Scaggs will head to Indiana University for his graduate study.  Congratulations and thanks, Rush!  Have a safe trip to Bloomington.

04-14-2013   Tom Hoye (Junha’s PhD mentor) at the University of Minnesota visited UTA and gave two lectures.  Thanks, Tom! 

04-14-2014   Congratulations to Seong Jeong Jung and Hiep Nguyen, who received two chemistry department awards, R. L. Hoyle Award for Outstanding Junior and John T. Murchison Award for Outstanding Senior, respectively!

03-28-2014   Our Research Enhancement Proposal (REP) 2014-2015 at UTA was funded!

03-16/19-2013   Appu, Gabby, Yuanda, and Junha attended 247th ACS National Meeting at Dallas ’14.

11-27-2013   We welcome Parham Asgari (PhD) and Udaya Dakarapu (MS) to the group!

11-17-2013   Appu, Gabby, Yuanda, and Junha attended ACS SWRM ’13 in Waco, TX. 

09-03-2013   Jared Reyna accepted the job offer from UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Congratulations and thanks, Jared!  Have a safe trip to Houston.

06-17-2013   Congratulations to Yuanda, Hiep, and Rush as their development of ligand-controlled hydrosilylation reactions was published in Organic Lettetters. Click here

06-12-2013   We welcome a Welch Summer Scholar Program (WSSP) scholar, Brooke Versaw (HS) to the group!

05-13-2013   We welcome James Roh (UG) and Grant Pham (UG) to the group!

04-15-2013   Congratulations to Hiep Nguyen, who received R. L. Hoyle Award for Outstanding Junior!

04-15-2013   Khoa Nguyen will head to the University of Texas at Austin for his graduate study.  Congratulations and thanks, Khoa!  Have a safe trip to Austin.

03-28-2013   Congrats to Rush Scaggs on being awarded Graduate Dean’s Award on the ACES. Click here

01-02-2013   We welcome Appu Bokka (PhD), Andy Seal (PhD), Gabby Trog (PhD), and S.J. Jung (UG) to the group.

10-05-2012   Congrats to Rush Scaggs and Hiep Nguyen on being awarded first and third prize at the CBS poster symposium.

08-02-2012   We welcome Dr. Yuanda Hua (PD) to the group!

02-13-2012   We welcome Neeta Dash (UG) to the group!

01-02-2012   We welcome Seongbin Ga (UG) to the group!

12-20-2011   We welcome William Scaggs (UG) and Naphtali Reyna (UG) to the group!

11-05-2011   We welcome Adam Berlin (UG) and Hiep Nguyen (UG) to the group!

09-01-2011   We welcome Khoa Nguyen (UG) to the group!

08-27-2011   New science professors have big plans at UTA. Check the stories out.

08-08-2011   New Start at UT Arlington

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