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book manuscripts

Caricaturing Culture in India. CUP. Forthcoming in 2014.

Branding Gandhi. Routledge. Forthcoming in 2014.

Gandhi Emotion. Proposal Under Review.

Microchips and Mascara. Research in progress.

journal articles and book chapters

Gandhi and the Satyagraha of Newspaper Cartoons. Visual Anthropology Review. 29 (1). 2013.

Terror Myths and Scenes of Violence. South Asian Popular Culture 11 (2). 2013

Introduction (with R. Parciack) Welcome to the World of the Polemic. South Asian Popular Culture. Special Issue. 11(2). 2013.

Punch in India: Another History of Colonial Politics? In Punch: A Transcultural Reading eds. Harder, H. and B. Mittler. Berlin/Heidelberg/New York: Springer. Invited Book Chapter. 2013.

Some Things about Gandhi. Contemporary South Asia 20 (3): 303-325. 2012.

Picturing India: Nation, Development and the Common Man. Visual Anthropology 25 (4): 303-323. 2012.

Does this Offend You? In Public Hinduism eds. Zavos, J., P. Kanungo, P., D. Reddy, M. Warrier, and R. Williams. New Delhi/Thousand Oaks/London: Sage. 2012. Pp. 348-364.

Comicology:Comic Books as Culture in India. Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 1(2): 170-191. 2010.

Vernacular Punches: Cartoons and Politics in Colonial India. History and Anthropology 20(4):459-486. 2009.

Crafty Petitions. Under Review.

Wartoons: Gulf War in a "Light Way." In-Preparation.

Kick-ass Workout: Gandhi, Symbolic Violence and Netives. Journal Article in Preparation.

Sacrifice and Suffering: The Nation and the Nationalist in Colonial India.Sagar: A South Asia Research Journal. University of Texas at Austin. 2001

Considering Public Art in Sahitya Kala Akademi Quarterly, Sahitya Kala Parishad Press. 2000.


R. Parciack and R. Khanduri eds. Terror and Media. South Asian Popular Culture. Special Issue. 11(2): 2013.

Chowdhury, N. , R. Khanduri and S. Sharma eds. Sagar. 2000-2002

sagarvol7 (4K) coverS_v08 (26K)

anthropology news column j drive 2011-

Markets and Au Pairs: Material Culture, Global Economy and Domestic Work. (with Zuzana Burikova) September 2012

Political Engagements and Sensations: Emergent Political Actors in Latin America. (with Helene Risør) June 2012.

South Asian Bioarchaeology. (with Gwen R. Schug and Veena M. Tripathi) May 2012.

"Indigenous Autonomy": History and Political Movements in Nepal. (with Dambar Chemjong and Janak Rai) March 2012.

Resilience: A North-South-South Dialogue on the Youth and the Elderly in Ghana and Tanzania. (with Constanze Pfeiffer et al) January 2012.

Ðoi Moi and Public Discourses of Sexual Violence: Feminist Anthropologist Huong Thu Nguyen. December 2011.

Svart Arbete and Informal Economy: Fiscal Anthropologist Lotta Björklund Larsen. November 2011.

An Interview with Medical Anthropologist Shao Hua Liu. September 2011.

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