Stephen Maizlish

Room 313, University Hall

Stephen Maizlish
Department of History
Box 19529
University of Texas
Arlington, TX 76019

FAX      817-272-2852

Due to budgetary constraints history   
faculty no longer have telephones in their offices. 
Please rely on e-mail for contact.

 SPRING 2014

January 13-May 2

Open Office Hours
MWF 6:40am-7:40am (313UH)
W 5:00pm-7:00pm (313UH)

Appointment Office Hours
(Basement of the Central Library)

MWF 9am-5pm

Appointments Must Be Made At Least 24 Hours In Advance

Students are urged, strongly urged, to take advantage
of appointment office hours and arrange times to
meet that are convenient for them. 
My goal in establishing appointment hours is to make
myself as accessible to students as possible by allowing
them to fit meetings with me into their own schedules.

I am now available to meet with students
9 hours-a-day (MF), 11 hours on Wednesday
29 hours-a-week.


Open Office Hours Will Not Be Held On:
March 3, 5, 7, 17
 Appointment Office Hours Will Not Be Held On:
February 28, March 3, 5, 7, 17
Appointment Office Hours
Will Not Be Held After
2:30pm on April 14
No Open or Appointment Office Hours Will Be Held
During Finals Week



FALL 2014