All photos in this archive were shot by G. Mattioli using a SONY DSC-TX1 Cybershot camera from January 29, 2010 to February 11, 2010.

All images are copyrighted (2010) by Glen S. Mattioli - Department of Geosciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Images may be freely used for non-commercial purposes with appropriate source attribution.

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Location map for Equipe du Sud GPS campaign & GSM Photo Archive

Haiti Map

Detailed damage and route map prepared by Estelle Chaussard (RSMAS-U. Miami)

Dominican Republic Photos January 27-29, 2010

Santo Domingo photos and overland travel to Jimani, DR

Border crossing at Jimani into Haiti

Haiti Photos January 29-31, 2010

Overland travel from Malpasse to Delmas (PAP), Haiti

Initial tour of damaged areas of Delmas, Port-au-Prince, and Petion Ville, Haiti

Setup of GPS site in Delmas (PAP) on Bureau of Mines facility roof

Leaving Delmas and Port-au-Prince to start GPS campaign in the south

Exiting PAP to Grande Saline, Gressier, Leogane and then Carr. Dufort along Route 2

Carr. Dufort to Grand Goave, Petit Goave and Miragoane along Route 2

Installation of GPS sites at Aquin (AQIN) and Cavaillon (CAVA), Dept. du Sud, Haiti

Haiti Photos February 1-11, 2010

Installation of GPS sites at Les Cayes Airport (CAYE) and Tiburon Police Station (TIBU), Dept. du Sud, Haiti

Analysis at Hotel du Village in Port Salut, Les Cayes market and transit to Aquin to check GPS sites

Setup of GPS sites at Port Salut Hospital (PSLT) and Les Anglais Police Station (ANGL) and return visit to Tiburon (TIBU)

Transit from Aquin to Miragoane (MIRA) and Pte. Riv. de Nippes (PRDN) to setup GPS sites, Dept. du Nippes, Haiti

Return visit to Miragoane and Pte. Riv. de Nippes, Dept. du Nippes, Haiti

Pickup of GPS site at Les Anglais - transit through Les Cayes market, Etang de Miragoane, Petit Goave - then to Fond Trouin (TROU) and at night to Jacmel Police Headquarters (JACM) to install GPS

Jacmel across Morne a Boites to pickup GPS sites at PRDN and MIRA - then return to install GPS on roof at Presbytere in Marigot (MARI), Dept. du Sud-Est, Haiti

Jacmel airport - Angelina Jolie arrives by UN helicopter - transit from Marigot market to Marbriole and then revisit of GPS sites at JACM and TROU

Marigot to Jacmel and then across Morne a Boites to revisit road deformation along Route 2 near Carr. Dufort (RUP4)

Downtown Leogane and coastal region to the west - Roger Bilham's uplifted corals - back across Morne a Boites to Jacmel airport for GSM departure to Santo Domingo, DR