Genomics, systematics, and herpetology

Heteronotia binoei from Western Australia. Photo: Matt FujitaAspidoscelis gularis, photo by Alex Hall.Craugastor augusti from Jalisco, Mexico. Photo: Jeff StreicherLialis burtonis from Western Australia. Photo: Matt FujitaCrotalus mitchellii, Piojo Island, Baja California. Photo: Jesse MeikTiliqua rugosa from South Australia. Photo: Matt Fujita

Our lab endeavors to understand the patterns and processes that generate the incredible biodiversity of reptiles and amphibians at multiple phylogenetic, geographic, and genomic scales.  We incorporate emerging technologies and methodologies as they promise to unveil novel and exciting facets of genome and organismal evolution.

Current foci in the lab include genome dynamics in parthenogenetic lizards, genome structure evolution in reptiles, and biodiversity discovery.

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