Dr. Jesse M. Meik - Research Associate

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Ph.D, University of Texas at Arlington, 2009

M.S., University of Texas at Arlington, 2004

B.S. , Utah State University, 2002

Selected Publications


Office: LS 466

Lab: ERB 475

Office Phone: (817) 272-0182

e-mail: jmeik(at)uta.edu

Mailing address:

Dr. Jesse Meik
Department of Biology
University of Texas at Arlington
Box 19498
Arlington, TX 76019-0498

Research Interests

My research interests primarily fall in the following areas of herpetology and evolutionary biology: (1) pattern, process, and inference in comparative biology; (2) systematics, population genetics, and species delimitation; (3) phenotypic evolution (in particular evolution of body size and sexual dimorphism); (4) community assembly and biogeography; and (5) evolutionary dynamics of interactions between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes. 

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