March 2015

A lot is happening this month! Alex Hall recieves an NSF DDIG to study the systematics of a parthenogenetic whiptail species complex. James Titus-McQuillan recieves an NSF EAPSI grant to investigate hybrid zones in Heteronotia with Dr. Craig Moritz at the Australian National University. And Kyle O’Connell recieves a National Geographic award to conduct field work in Nepal!

December 2014

The crocodilian genomes are published in Science alongside a huge project sequencing bird genomes!

May 2014

Jose Maldonado recieves the top honor as best student employee at UT Arlington! It comes with a $1,000 honorarium! Congratulations Jose!

March 2014

Check out our paper on species delimitation using genome-wide SNPs, published in Systematic Biology and featuring RADseq data for Hemidactylus!

December 2013

Todd Castoe and colleagues published a monumental piece of work on the python genome! Check it out at PNAS!

Frank Rheindt and colleagues describe the unusual origins of a mosaic population of Tyrant Flycatchers using integrative methods and next-generation sequencing technologies! Check it out at Systematic Biology!

November 2013

Mitzy Pepper and colleagues published species descriptions of Heteronotia: H. atra and H. fasciolatus. The holotype for H. fasciolata was a specimen we collected during a trip in 2010! Read about it here!

June 2013

Alex Hall recieves a Rosemary Grant Award for Graduate Student Research from the Society for the Study of Evolution to work on the genomics of parthenogenetic whiptail lizards.  Congratulations Alex!

May 2013

Read about an alternative method to measure frog calls in a paper co-authored by Alex Hall!

April 2013

Kyle O'Connell recieves the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grant!  Congratulations Kyle!

March 2013

The genome of the painted turtle has been published in Genome Biology! (link)  Read the press release at UTA here!

Check out an impressive phylogeny of microhylid frogs co-authored by Dr. Jeff Streicher! (link)

February 2013

The genome of the Darwin's finch (Geospiza magnirostris) has been published in BMC Genomics!  As thoughtfully observed by Jonathon Eisen, it was published on Darwin's birthday. (link)

October 2012

Castoe et al. present a report for the first snake genomics meeting! (link)

September 2012

Streicher et al. discovered rapid range expansion in the Great Plain narrow-mouthed toad (Gastrophryne olivacea)! (link)

Meik et al. found differences between male and female head shape and diet in the Mexican lance-headed rattlesnakes (Crotalus polystictus)! (link)

Coalescent-based species delimitation - check out our justification in Trends in Ecology and Evolution! (link)

Earlier in 2012

The open letter for three crocodilian genomes is now published in Genome Biology! (link)

Ridenour et al. quantifying physiological and metabolic limits and constraints on parthenogenetick geckos has been accepted to Journal of Evolutionary Biology! (link)

The Anolis lizard genome has been published in Nature! (link)

There are no GC-rich isochores in Anolis - read all about it in our paper in Genome Biology and Evolution (link)

Phylogenetic informativeness of seventy-five protein-coding genes in vertebrates, spear-headed by Jon Fong (link)!  It has been selected by the Faculty of 1000!

Nonadaptive evolution of mitochondrial genome size, published in Evolution (link)!

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