Kyle O'Connell - Graduate Student (Ph.D) 2

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Kyle is originally from Las Vegas, NV, but spent much of his life in Nebraska where he completed his undergraduate education in Fisheries and Wildlife and Spanish. He has spent time in Central America and the Middle East. 


Office: ERB 449

Lab: ERB 475

Office Phone:

e-mail: kyle.oconnell(at)

Mailing address:

Kyle O'Connell
Department of Biology
University of Texas at Arlington
Box 19498
Arlington, TX 76019-0498

Research Interests

Kyle’s research interests have focused on reptile and amphibian ecology, management, and conservation in Nebraska where he conducted reptile and amphibian surveys in different Nebraska habitats as well as a diet study on Northern water snakes.

Kyle also has an interest in tropical ecology with an emphasis on Central American herpetofauna. As a graduate student Kyle plans to investigate the phylogeography and life history of tropical snake species in high elevation habitats in Central America and Asia. 

Publications and Presentations

O’Connell, Kyle. 2011. Diet Selection by the Northern watersnake, Nerodia sipedon. Presentation given at the 38th annual Kansas Herpetological Society meeting, Wichita KS.

O’Connell, Kyle and Ferraro, Dennis. 2011. A Herpetofauna Survey of Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge, Washington County, Nebraska. Kansas Journal of Herpetology 37: 10-15.

O’Connell, Kyle. 2011. Diet Selection by the Northern Watersnake, Nerodia sipedon. Poster presentation at the UNL Undergraduate Research Fair, Lincoln NE. 

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