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JAC 30527

Discovering the patterns and processes that have contributed to biodiversity is a core goal of our lab.  A particular interest of our is using contemporary genome technologies and methodologies to infer past demographic changes that may have been caused by environmental and/or geological fluctuations.

mitchellii intertidal

We continue to work all around the world.  Important efforts to identify and delimit lineages in the Bynoe's gecko (Heteronotia binoei) is a major focus, as well as understanding the phylogeographic patterns in the Burton's legless lizard, Lialis burtonis.  In collaboration with Dr. Adam Leache at the University of Washington, Seattle, we are continuing our studies in West African phylogeography of reptiles and amphibians.  Dr. Jeff Streicher will apply next-generation sequencing to understand radiations in Mexican and Central American frogs.  Dr. Jess Meik will similarly examine the population biology of insular and mainland rattlesnakes.

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